Do you suffer from depression, chronic pain, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, pain or fear? Would you like to feel more happy, calm, relaxed and have more joy of life? These are some of the things that I can contribute. 

Why should you choose to work with me?

My energy is powerful and effective. The sweetness of it is refreshing, rejuvenating and gentle. So, that is why I am able to effect these changes and achieve desired results gently, without over processing or over powering. 

It is a very pure energy. 
Gentle, light and yet, it is incredibly powerful. 

I go through all of the layers to clear whatever is needed to create the desired changes and get results. One-one sessions. I relief the pain and reduce the inflammation. I clear energies that are not yours and that can cause the pain in your body. 

I do surgery if needed to remove your pain, as I can use various energy tools to remove your pain. 

In "success stories", you can read about clients experiences about working with me. 

To book your one-one private remote healing session, please go to "Contact me" above. 

- 30 minutes private session $100 

The sessions is done via Zoom and the session will be recorded and sent to your email within 48 hours so you can listen to it as often as you like. The healing then goes deeper and deeper.