"I have felt very good, felt calm and unusually open. More open to show and talk about how I feel and not been angry at all like I use do. And the pain in my toe has disappeared completely, which is sooooo nice! I can walk in heels again! Thank you so much!" / Hanna

​"I am depressed and have been on antidepressant medicine for three yers now. They help to a certain extent but I am often very tired and I feel hopeless. Before the session I had also started to get back pain and felt very stiff throughout my whole body. A few days after the session I noticed that I had a completely different energy. I became more vibrant, more harmonious and more calm. The body felt less rigid and the back felt much better. Thanks Jessica." / M

"I had painful contractions in my feets which woke me up at night with disturbed sleep as a problem. After the session I have no not had any such cramps. The pain was 10 in a scale from 1-10 but now its 0. My sleep has improved. You have been fantastic and I thank you for all your help."
/ Louise

"All intense pain I had before is gone. My mornings are wonderfulI and I can get up and walk straight to the toilet with ease and speed. I can use shoes I couldn`t use before. I am still swollen but the pain is gone." / Susann

"Hello again! Just cleaned up two salmon and made a great batch of ghee and I will be putting myself out in the sun on a short walk. It's been a long time since I managed so much without problems. Jessica has helped me with both chronic pain and more recent problems. My hip pain has gone from seven to two on a 10-degree scale. I can manage to go up the household ladder without going sideways. The pain in the rib cage is also reduced. Chronic pain in the red pillar has been reduced significantly from eight to two. I moved more robotically in the past, but am now naturally mobile as I used to be and above all, no constant pain when walking and shopping for food or vacuuming. Reduced pain also gives room to do both. I am both grateful and impressed by Jessica's ability to heal and recommend her as a healer to others with similar problems."
/ Louise F 

"I just had my session with Jessica Frammin and it was EVERYTHING. I am feeling different every single hour ever since her call. After my session?! It is surreal. She is the real deal. I had a stroke 2 years ago at the age of 40 and was not able to walk or move my right arm and hand. It has left me with a HUGE list of issues. Having weaned myself off of as much medication as possible, I want to be healed. I have begged God for a miracle and He sent her.  Being in constant and chronic pain can be so hopeless and discouraging. She has renewed my sense of hope. Brain fog is lifting. Pain from an 8/9 down to a 5 and still moving down. Neuropathy = same numbers as above. Miagraine gone. Dull headache left from detoxing so much meditation after years. I have had miagraines for 10 years straight. It feels foreign to be in my own head right now. As a pain sufferer you know that relief feels so weird. A long lost friend. Back pain gone. Knee pain gone. My neck has been cracking for the last 20 hours and did the whole session with her. Say yes. Health truly is wealth."  / Dori.P

"I am more mobile now since chronic back pain has dropped from a level 8-10 to a level 3! My chronic back pain has dropped from a level 8-10 to a level 3 from Jessica’s work. I’m sleeping better, not getting hurt from sitting, not as hard to get up long. I am much more mobile now. I am going for longer walks and walking faster now. I really think this has helped both feet and back. Thanks Jessica”.  / Mariette

"No more headaches! On a scale from 1-10, my headache was 8. Right after the program (6 weeks ”Dramatic Pain Relief”) started, I have not had any headaches". / Diana


"Pain in my knees, back, hips and shoulder and neck region all improved when working with Jessica! I had constant pain in my knee, back, hips, and shoulder and neck region daily ranging in severity but constant for years. I found this amount decreased throughout the time I worked with Jessica and if there was an area needing extra attention Jessica would always work that area into the sessions! "/ R