One-one private remote healing session:

- 30 minutes $100



Pay with PayPal

You place the order by sending me an Email.  You can find it under the contact tab above.
I will then send out the link to my PayPal account and when the payment is complete I will send your Mp3 to your Email address. 


If you are a Swedish costumer, you can choose to pay with swish 0739378780


Mp3/ Immune booster
This mp3 strengthens your immune system so you stay healthier $ 26


Mp3/ For better sleep

This mp3 helps you to relax and get you out of your head so you can wake up well rested $ 26


You can listen to the mp3s out loud or silent. You can play it in the background when you work, play or sleep. You can play them in a loop. You choose what works best for you.


It is important that you listen to your body and that you give it what it needs, give it time to heal.