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Image by Johannes Plenio

About me

I was born with this gift and have contributed it for a long time in various ways. To people, animals and mother earth. 

I am an empathic, intuitive, energy medicine healer and alchemist. 

I have helped people suffering form depression, anxiety, stress and panic attacks and helped them to be free from both pain and body inflammation. Furthermore, it has helped people to sleep better and other important things. 

I have also helped people to find themselves again and helped them find the joy of life again. 

My life's mission is to be at service to as many people as possible and to help people increase their quality of life. 

To grow as a human being, to feel as good as possible, to be happier. 

And I really love to contribute to the world and I do it with a great joy. 



Let's talk

Holmvägen 13
194 35 Upplands Väsby
Stockholm Sweden

Tel: +46739378780 



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